Alec Baldwin receives flak over first Instagram post since manslaughter charges


Alec Baldwin receives flak over first Instagram post since manslaughter charges 

Alec Baldwin shared a picture of his wife, Hilaria Baldwin, and their six-year-old son Leo in his first social media post since being charged with involuntary manslaughter over the death of Halyna Hutchins.

Baldwin, 64, returned to his Instagram handle on Sunday night and dropped an adorable photo of Hilaria and Leo, but the 30 Rock actor was met with backlash, with many criticizing the ‘creepy’ nature of the actor’s caption.

In the shared picture, the Baldwins’ five-year-old son Leo was seen rubbing his mum’s shoulders while looking at the camera.

Baldwin captioned the post, “The old ‘let me give you a back rub’ ploy… Potato chips to follow.”

Within hours, many of Baldwin’s 2.5million followers took to the comments section and accused him of ‘sexualising’ his young son.

“Does anyone else think this is creepy af with the caption? Pic is sweet. Caption makes it weird,” commented one internet user.

“Dude you need consult your team before you post man this does not help your case,” added another.

On Thursday, prosecutors in New Mexico announced that Baldwin is one of three cast and crew members facing charges over the accidental shooting on the set of Rust which led to the death of cinematographer Hutchins.

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