Chief Minister’s special representative Ajendra Ajay took suggestions from everyone while reviewing the relief work in Joshimath.


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Chamoli. Chief Minister’s Special Representative for supervision of relief and rehabilitation works in Joshimath, BKTC Chairman Ajendra Ajay reviewed the relief works and took suggestions from all while meeting with local public representatives at Joshimath Municipal Auditorium on Tuesday. Special Representative of the Chief Minister, BKTC Chairman Ajendra Ajay said that Joshimath is an important city of the state in terms of our culture, faith and strategic point of view. The Central and State Governments are working seriously for the Joshimath disaster affected people and providing all possible cooperation. Keeping in view the interests of the affected people, the government will also make ideal arrangements for rehabilitation.
He said that in the Joshimath disaster, the government has taken prompt action and shifted people to safer places. All facilities like food, drinking water, medicine etc. are being provided to the affected people in the relief camps. The government has given Rs 1.00 lakh per family in advance under the special rehabilitation package to the affected building owners and Rs 50 thousand per family under the one-time special grant non-adjustable amount for transportation of goods and immediate needs. Tenants have also been given Rs 50,000 for the same transportation. Along with this, relief amount of 5 thousand per family has been distributed by releasing it immediately for the purchase of household items.
He said that the Chardham Yatra is about to begin. Joshimath is the main center of Chardham Yatra. A positive atmosphere should be created here. So that the livelihood of our local people is not affected. During this, he also took important suggestions from the local public representatives. Describing the meeting as a good initiative, the public representatives and local dignitaries appreciated the relief works conducted by the government. He also kept his suggestions regarding rehabilitation. Said that information about relief works should be given to every affected person. On this, the Chairman of BKTC instructed to inform about the relief works provided by the government to the affected people in the relief camps through all the sector officers engaged in the relief works. Said to solve the doubts and problems in the minds of the affected.
Meanwhile, while giving information about Joshimath disaster relief works, Chief Development Officer Dr. Lalit Narayan Mishra said that due to landslide in Joshimath town area, 863 buildings have been identified so far, in which cracks have been found. Out of this, 181 buildings are in unsafe zone. In Joshimath, 933 members of 278 disaster affected families have been kept in relief camps for security reasons. Basic facilities like food, drinking water, medicine etc. are being made available to the affected people in the relief camps. Till date 851 persons have been medically examined in the relief camps. In view of the cold wave, heaters, warm clothes, blankets are being made available to the affected people in the relief camps. Regular bonfires have been arranged at 20 places around public places, intersections and relief camps. Advance funds for acute and completely damaged buildings, special rehabilitation package, transportation of goods and immediate needs of the affected families.

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