Even in adverse circumstances, our girls are eager to earn name in every field.


Dehradun. Sanjay Orthopedic, Spine and Maternity Center organized a seminar on Facebook on the occasion of National Girl Child Day by Society, Far Health, Education and Women Empowerment Awareness Jakhan, Dehradun. During this seminar, Dr. Sujata Sanjay said that the aim of our Seva Society is to make women and girls aware of health. Under this objective, many free health camps have been organized in the last eight years. On the National Girl Child Day, on the one hand, there is talk of promoting daughters, on the other hand, the number of crimes related to women is continuously increasing. When daughters will not be saved then how will they move forward. The sex ratio is still yearning for equality. Even in adverse circumstances, our girls are eager to earn name in every field. Girls are the symbol of bright future of our country. They have to improve not only the future of their family but also of the country by being educated.
Dr. Expressing concern, Sujata Sanjay said that if a daughter is not born, then from where will she get a daughter-in-law? And that’s why the society also wants what we want. We want our daughter-in-law to be educated, but if we want to educate our daughter, we are forced to think many times. If the daughter-in-law wants to be educated, then it becomes our responsibility to educate the daughter as well. If we do not educate the daughter, then the daughter-in-law will also not be educated. To expect this is a great injustice to oneself. We should think that despite climbing the steps of development, why today the girl child of this country is facing the brunt of being a woman in the society in the form of female feticide, child marriage, dowry and death. Dr. Sujata Sanjay said that we talk big in front of the people that the girl child is also the future of the country, but when we look inside ourselves, we feel that we too are directly or indirectly responsible for killing her somewhere. Somewhere there have been participants. This is the reason why the need to enact a law related to domestic violence and feticide has been felt in the country today.

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