‘I felt anxious and scared’


Miley Cyrus overcomes with emotion during concert: ‘I felt anxious and scared’

Miley Cyrus broke down while performing on stage in Mexico as her feud with her father Billy Ray Cyrus rages on following his engagement with Firerose.

The Party in the U.S.A. singer stopped midway during her show at the Corona Capital as she asked the crowd, “Has anyone ever felt anxious, like really (expletive) anxious for no reason and insecure and uncertain?”

“Yeah, I feel that right now, and I don’t know why. Maybe because doing what I do sometimes it feels like I skydive for a living,” the singer added.

“I do something that is rare — this is why we treat people that are artists on stage like they are special. We’re not really special, we’re crazy to get up and do this sort of thing. I don’t know why, but I just started feeling — I felt anxious and I felt scared.

Miley continued: “I guess what was making me feel scared was I felt alone, and then I look out here, and I see you all and I know I am not alone.”

“I just believe in telling the truth, so I am going to ask you, ‘Has my music been there for you in a time where you felt anxious or sad or scared?’ Well, then you all owe me a favor, so I need you to help me sing this song and we’re going to get through those fears together, just the way we’ve always have. Help me out,” she said to the concertgoers.

This comes after an insider told Radar Online that Miley was “shocked and appalled” when she discovered her father is dating a girl so young.

The source went on to reveal that Billy’s engagement is “a real kick in the teeth” for Miley, who has grown close to her mother, Tish Cyrus, after her divorce from the country singer.

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