Kajol opens up about refusing Salaam Venky ‘you wouldn’t even wish this on your enemy’


Kajol initially refused to do Salaam Venky 

Salaam Venky, starring Kajol is a film that sheds light on relationship of a mother with her terminally ill son. Kajol initially said no to the film due to a heartbreaking reason. 

She discussed how she refused the film at first because she couldn’t imagine something happening to her child even if it is on screen. She revealed that when Revathy came to her with the offer, the first thing she said was no.

“I refused the film for three days. I was like, ‘I am not doing this film, I don’t want do a film in which anything happens to my children.’ I cannot handle that. It’s every parents’ worst nightmare, you wouldn’t even wish this on your enemy, it’s that kind of a situation.” Kajol elaborated.

The film’s trailer was dropped earlier this month which showed that Aamir Khan will be a part of the feature in a special role about which fans are really excited. The film will be out in theatres on November 9. 

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