Lion also used to sit like a cow in front of Somwari Maharaj


Holding the tongs and removed it from the burning fumigation, a rare injection was found in Calcutta, in this god land Himalayas, since ancient times, the sages have done the welfare of the people by attaining supernatural accomplishment, have removed their sorrows, these sages have done their Show such miracles with siddhi, which cannot be believed today. Kumaon region is known as Dev Bhoomi, the perfect Mahatmas who have been born in Kumaon, mainly Nag Nath Siddhi-Riddhi Giri, Mohan Baba, Raukhadiya Baba, Kharkhadia Baba, Naga Baba, Nantin Maharaj, respectively, Hedakhan Maharaj The names of Somwari Maharaj, Neem Karoli Maharaj etc. are famous.

The rare injection found in Calcutta was removed from the burning fumigation by holding the tongs.
ISince ancient times, in the holy land of Himalayas, sages have done the welfare of people by attaining supernatural accomplishment, have removed their sorrows, these sage mahatmas have shown such miracles with their accomplishment, which cannot be trusted today. Kumaon region is known as Dev Bhoomi, the perfect Mahatmas who have been born in Kumaon, mainly Nag Nath Siddhi-Riddhi Giri, Mohan Baba, Raukhadiya Baba, Kharkhadia Baba, Naga Baba, Nantin Maharaj, respectively, Hedakhan Maharaj The names of Somwari Maharaj, Neem Karoli Maharaj etc. are famous.
Somwari Maharaj lived in his ashram in Padampuri, 25-30 km from Bhimtal, about 118 years ago, in those days there was a dense forest around the ashram, Babaji had many devotees who used to come from far and wide to see the Maharaj, But none of the devotees knew much about him, yet some devotees had come to know that Babaji was a resident of Punjab, Babaji’s father was a judge, even after being born in such a big family, Babaji’s mind was of disinterest. He began to bow down, it is said that he had received education till the eighth standard, he used to live with saints since childhood. His father was a devotee of Ram. Some devotees said that Babaji’s real name was Neelkanth. Neelkanth i.e. Babaji had a feeling of his amazing accomplishment but he did not let anyone realize it, in childhood, Babaji had a vision of such a divine saint in the forest, whose face was bright and peaceful, heat and cold did not affect him. The lion used to sit in front of him like a cow. Babaji was greatly influenced by them, due to which Maharaj had started having disinterest towards the world since childhood. It is said that after the death of the mother, she felt very sad, even after the father’s explanation, Babaji left the house. Even after searching a lot, when Babaji could not be traced anywhere. One day, looking at the horoscope of the judge, an astrologer said that your son is alive but he has taken retirement from the world and those astrologers told him that one day you will definitely meet in life, the judge took two to four years Babaji But when nothing worked, he was disappointed and gave up the hope of the son being alive.
This same Neelkanth became famous as Somwari Maharaj in the ashram of Padampuri.
Once upon a time, the commissioner of Nainital had only one son, he used to be ill, his age was 14-15 years old, he had got an incurable disease that he was alive only by injection, the medicine was given by injection. She used to meet only with a big chemist in Calcutta, the commissioner always kept a private doctor with him for the treatment of the son, who used to give injection to the boy every third day, whenever he went on tour, he also took the son with him. Used to take Once the commissioner was going for the tour, then the doctor said that the boy’s health is not good and the injection is also two, if your tour is delayed, then the boy’s life may be in danger in the end of the injection. If it was necessary to go on tour, he went out on tour with a sick boy and doctor, he had put one injection on tour but some coincidence happened that the second injection was hastily broken by the commissioner’s wife, she got nervous because till she returned to Nainital. If something happened, he panicked and went to the commissioner and spoke about the breakdown of the injection, knowing that the commissioner returned two days ago.
When he was returning back to Nainital via Padampuri in a horse, the boy’s health deteriorated, he fainted, fell down from the horse, his health became worrying, the commissioner’s wife started crying, the doctor’s mouth also dried up, the commissioner asked the doctor what would happen now? Where the doctor said that only injections containing medicine can save lives and that is not, it was certain that anything could have happened due to the absence of medicine. Knowing this, the boy’s mother started crying loudly, hearing the sound of crying, the women of the village, cutting grass and wood in the forest, reached there and while giving information about Maharaj ji’s ashram, said that Maharaj will definitely do something, ladies. On hearing this, the commissioner got angry and said, what will Baba do to the doctor who is not able to cure him, the commissioner also said some abusive words for Babaji, here the child’s health became even more serious, even after taking Nainital, what would one do? So there would have been no injection and the other would have died by the time the other was taken there, the doctor also expressed his inability.
But when mother’s love wakes up, she is ready to do everything. She was astonished that how did the Maharaja know, in a short while both the commissioner and the doctor also reached the ashram, on seeing them, the Maharaj said that why, Commissioner, you were abusing me now, now how did you come to my hut, then Maharaj asked the doctor how the child would be fine, then the doctor told the name of the company of Calcutta. Maharaj said where to get the medicine. After taking out the money, the doctor gave some rupees and four six annas to Maharaj, Maharaj put that money in the dhuni, the commissioner, his wife, the doctor and many devotees were watching all this very eagerly, Babaji grabbed the tongs and the dhuni and Started searching for something among the ashes, within a moment the Maharaj took out a packet in the burning fumigation, and while giving it to the doctor said, this is your injection, the doctor injected the boy, the boy became healthy by falling at the feet of the commissioner’s wife Maharaj. He started apologizing and said, “Baba, you can fix our child, at first the Maharaja got angry, then said, come after a month, but don’t bring that commissioner’s child, what does he think of himself?”
The commissioner lost his sleep after going to Nainital, he still could not believe how the medicine packet came in the terrible fire.
The commissioner immediately inquired about that injection, the details of that day’s batch number and stock information by telegram, when two days later when the company got the reply that how much medicine was sold in that stock, and told that we were surprised to give this information to you. It is happening that one of the injection packets kept in the locked cupboard is missing but its money has been found kept there, how did it happen? We do not even know, but have started a tremendous investigation in this matter, as soon as the commissioner got the answer, became an exclusive devotee of Maharaj ji and also wrote a book on the life of Maharaj, in this way Somwari Maharaj did many auspicious works to show many miracles. .
Once Maharaj was in Jyotirmath after seeing Badrinath, there was a huge crowd of devotees, Maharaj’s father also came there, he got information that some perfect Mahatma had come, so he also reached Maharaj’s hut to see Maharaj. When he was seen, Maharaj recognized his father and hurriedly left the seat and the devotees present themselves were unable to understand anything, then Maharaj told everyone about his father, the judge started crying by hugging him. And said that you saved our gotra, after that Maharaj’s father did a bhandara there and at that time his father also remembered the matter of astrology, where he was that he would definitely meet in life, thus doing good to the people. Param Pujya Siddha Somwari Maharaj became Brahman in the state of Padmasan in the ashram of Padmapuri on the day of Poshshak Ekadashi in 1919.
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