Mantra of development: Officers go to the field to see the success and failure of schemes: Satpal Maharaj


Dehradun. Praising Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, describing Chintan Shivir as an important initiative for the development of Uttarakhand, State Public Works, Tourism, Irrigation, Panchayati Raj, Rural Works, Watershed, Dharmasva and Culture Minister Satpal Maharaj said that by organizing this camp, bureaucrats Direct communication has been established between the government and the government. Minister for Construction, Tourism, Irrigation, Panchayati Raj, Rural Works, Watershed, Endowment and Culture, Satpal Maharaj praised Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami while giving mantra of development to the officers on Thursday, the last day of contemplation camp at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration and said that with this initiative of his, direct communication has been established between the bureaucrat and the government. He said that in these three days, some important suggestions have come to light for the development of the state, on which an action plan should be made in future.
Cabinet Minister Shri Maharaj gave the example of double meaning sentence of ‘Shroko mat jaane do’ and said that in the case of development works, such sentences should be properly used for taking decisions in the interest of the public and not for creating hindrance in the work. He said that the officers should improve their functioning. There should be no unnecessary delay in solving public problems. The tradition of mangling files hinders development work. Clarifying the subject of writing ACRs of ministers, he said that the way you write ACRs of officers below you, in the same way, ministers also want to write their ACRs based on the work of officers. There is nothing wrong in this.
Cabinet Minister Satpal Maharaj said that along with the Chardham Yatra, we should work seriously to prepare an action plan to promote winter tourism and make the state a wedding destination. This type of work will provide employment to the people here. He said that this time more than 46 lakh pilgrims have come to Uttarakhand on Chardham Yatra and this number is likely to increase further in future. In such a situation, we should also think about giving rest to the passengers who are climbing the mountains directly from Delhi, Mumbai or other remote areas, so that the unnecessary pressure on the Chardhams can be reduced and the passengers can also continue their journey by staying healthy. Can do it easily.
Addressing the officials in Chintan Shivir, Mr. Maharaj said that the officials should also go to the area to see the success or failure of the schemes so that they can know the reality. He told the officials that you have been DM or SDM in different areas, when you When you reach the areas, you will come to know that what changes have taken place there after your departure. Mr. Maharaj said that many works have been done in Panchayati Raj Department according to the successful Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami ji and many works are yet to be done. He said that in view of development works, the mandates should be properly followed.

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