‘Matri Sadan’ will also provide housing, clothing, food, medical services to old and destitute mothers


Dehradun. Old and destitute mothers will no longer have to wander on the streets and will not have to spread their hands in front of anyone to fulfill their stomach. Matri Sadan will now provide free accommodation, clothes and food to these mothers as well as provide medical services to them. This Matri Sadan, established through the Sampoorna Samarpan Foundation to provide shelter to old and destitute mothers and reduce the miseries of their lives, was inaugurated by Commissioner Garhwal Mandal Sushil Kumar. 31 On the occasion of the inauguration of this Matri Sadan to be operated in Dharampur, Dehradun, he said that I thank all the members of Sampurna Samarpan Foundation for this pious work started for the service of old and destitute mothers, who have made this humane and very sensitive. Thought of doing something on the life aspect. He said that I wish for the success of this effort made with the spirit of Nar Seva Narayan Seva. May the services of Matri Sadan move towards continuous expansion and progress in the times to come, I wish all those whose efforts this Matri Sadan has emerged.
After the inauguration, he inspected the arrangements of Matri Sadan and also planted trees in the ashram premises. He said that the Senior Citizen Protection Bill has been brought for the protection and respect of the elderly at the government level, but such efforts should be made at the social level as well. MLA Tehri Kishore Upadhyay present in the program said that I thank you from the bottom of my heart for this effort made for the services of helpless mothers. Wherever I am needed in this pious work, I will always be ready for that. Foundation’s Chairman Kanti Kumar, General Secretary Kriti Sharma, Treasurer MR Kaushal, RS Dua, Sunil Sarin, Udit Ghildial and Ashish Negi were present on the occasion.

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