Pre signs of inauspicious planets


———————————————– • Sun inauspicious If it is fruitful, then the objects giving light in the house will be destroyed or the source of light will be closed. For example, fuse of a burning bulb, loss of a copper object.

Signs of Sun being inauspicious –

• If the Sun is giving inauspicious results, then the objects giving light in the house will be destroyed or the source of light will be closed. For example, fuse of a burning bulb, loss of a copper object.
• Closing of a skylight located in a place from which sunlight enters from sunrise to noon. There can be many reasons for the closure of such a skylight. For example, inadvertently stuffing something in it or closing it due to a bird’s nest etc.
• Many problems have to be faced regarding the subjects related to the Sun’s karakatva. The house in which the Sun is in the horoscope, causes loss of the fruits associated with that house. If Sun is the fifth lord, the ninth lord, then it gives trouble to the son and the father. If Sun is ascendant, then the person suffers from headache, fever and bile diseases. Facing loss of prestige.
• Tension from any official class, trouble from the state side.
• Adverse consequences if the dispute is going on in court.
• Stiffness and pain in the joints of the body.
• Drying of the crop due to some reason.
• The person often starts spitting in the mouth and he has to spit again and again.
• The head collides with an object.
• Have to walk or stand in strong sunlight.

Signs before the Moon is inauspicious –

• Any silver ring or other jewelery of the person is lost or if the person is wearing pearls, then it is lost.
• The person has a very white and beautiful clothes, it suddenly gets torn or gets lost or due to some dark spot on it, its beauty is lost.
• The water tank starts leaking in the person’s house or due to the failure of the water source like tap, water starts flowing from there to waste. The pot of water suddenly breaks.
• Waste water gets collected somewhere in the house and starts giving foul smell.
* If the Moon is also afflicted with Mars, then the problem related to blood has to be faced.

These signs can give inauspicious results in the following subjects:

• Mother may have physical pain or may have to face trouble in any other way.
• The newborn girl child may suffer in some way.
• Mentally the person experiences a lot of trouble.
• There can be an argument with a woman.
• Diseases related to water and phlegm diseases can cause pain. For example, ascites, cold, cough, fever, cholera etc.
• Emotional trauma occurs in a love affair.
• Facing failure in society. There is a lot of disturbance in the mind.
• The pet in the house may die.
• There is a shortage or loss of white colored food items in the house. For example, boiling of milk.
• Mentally abnormal condition occurs.

Signs of Mars being inauspicious-

• Any part of the land or any part of the property gets damaged.
• There is a fire in any corner or place of the house. It only happens on a small scale.
• A red colored object or in any other way the object of Mars is lost or destroyed.
• Breakdown of any part of the house or brick.
• Sudden stoppage of the fire of Havan.
• The fire does not ignite even after many attempts to light the fire or suddenly the burning fire stops.
• Vata-borne disorders start appearing in the body without any reason.
• A minor accident can happen in some way.

Pre signs of Mercury being inauspicious –

• The discretion power of the person is destroyed, that is, he is unable to decide good and bad.
• Sniffing power is reduced.
• The work-feeling decreases. Skin infections cause diseases. There is wastage of money because of taking books, exams. There is slackness in education.
If Ketu is afflicted with Mercury, then there is a possibility of getting skin diseases.

Signs before Jupiter is inauspicious-

• Even after good work, you get failure.
• Any kind of jewelery is lost.
• The person worshiped by the person or the religious activities are inadvertently insulted or any religious text is destroyed.
• The hair of the head starts decreasing, that is, the person starts becoming bald.
• The promise given is not fulfilled and has to be told untrue

Signs before Venus is inauspicious-

• Diseases like dream defects, metallurgy etc. start appearing.
• Have erotic thoughts.
• There is a dispute with a woman.
• The hand or toe becomes numb or inactive.
* There are disputes with women without any reason.
* Due to the planet “Venus” being the factor of vision, there is a possibility of the problem of eye problems – diabetes.

Signs before Saturn is inauspicious-

• During the day, sleep starts troubling.
• Suddenly there is an argument with a handicapped or very poor and dirty person.
• Some part of the house collapses.
• Iron causes injury etc. trauma.
• Pet black animal like- black dog, black cow, black buffalo, black goat or black rooster etc dies.
• There is a quarrel or tension with a person doing low-level work.
• Oil is spread from the hands of the person.
• The person’s beard, mustache and hair grow.
• Any dirty material falls on the clothes or there is a stain or instead of wearing clean clothes, a situation of wearing dirty clothes is created.
• Gets to go to dark, dirty and stuffy places.

Signs before Rahu is inauspicious-

• A dead snake or lizard appears.
• There is an opportunity to go or pass in smoke or many such people gather near the person, who smoke continuously.
• A person does not take bath even after going near any river or holy pool.
• The domesticated animal is lost or dies.
• Memory starts getting weak.
• Many people start standing against you for no reason.
• Hand nails start getting deformed.
• Dead birds are seen.
• The tied rope breaks. The situation of wandering also comes to the fore. Something essential is lost from the person.

Signs before Ketu is inauspicious-

• Abusive words come out of the mouth unintentionally.
• A dying or mad dog appears.
• A bird gives life after coming into the house.
• Suddenly good or bad news is heard.
• Problems related to bones have to be faced.
• Toe nail breaks or starts getting damaged.
• There is a situation of falling and slipping at some place.
• Due to delusions a person makes ridiculous mistakes.
Acharya Pt Rajesh Lakheda

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