Production delay not barring Tesla Cybertruck from fetching 1.6 million bookings


Tesla unveiled the first prototype of the Cybertruck in November 2019, and since then, it has remained one of the most awaited electric vehicles from the brand. The all-electric pickup truck was supposed to enter production in late 2021, but Tesla failed to keep the promise. The automaker postponed the production commencement several times since then. Currently, the automaker claims that the initial production of the EV will commence in mid-2023. However, this delay is not barring the consumers from booking the vehicle. A crowdsourced reservation tracker not affiliated with Tesla has claimed that the Cybertruck has received more than 1.6 million bookings so far.

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24 Nov 2022, 09:58 AM

Tesla Cybertruck will have a high-end four-motor version.

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Interestingly, despite the delays in production and changes in pricing and specifications, consumer enthusiasm for the Tesla Cybertruck never waned. The latest information comes cementing that belief. While the data comes from an unofficial source, Tesla itself hasn’t disclosed the booking details for the EV in a long time. Interestingly, the same crowdsourced tracker claimed in May 2021 that Cybertruck’s booking volume had reached one million, with the numbers going up to 1.25 million by August last year and 1.3 million by November 2021.

The weird-looking Tesla Cybertruck remains one of the most anticipated EVs alongside the second-generation Tesla Roadster, testify the online search data. The unofficial tracker’s number too is really impressive, showing how the interest in the upcoming electric pickup truck never waned.

Tesla Cybertruck is available for booking at a payment of $100, which is a fully refundable deposit. This has prompted many interested buyers to book the vehicle. However, the confirmed orders may not match the booking volume. But, even if 10 per cent of the claimed reservations turn into actual orders, that will create a very strong demand for the vehicle, which lacks pricing information and specifications, roughly half a year before the projected production commencement.

First Published Date: 24 Nov 2022, 09:58 AM IST

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