Step up your financial journey with these to-dos in 2023


The new year brings enthusiasm and a drive towards fulfilling fresh goals for the year. It’s that time when you assess your life and set out a new course of action for your physical health, finances, forming new habits, etc.
Revisiting an old way of life is a great way to chart out a path for a new one, especially regarding finance management. Here are some steps you can take towards your financial goals for this year:

Digital bank account:

The advantages of a virtual savings account are manifold. Some of them are convenience and added security. Now you can shift to the safest digital bank, Airtel Payments Bank, where you can open a zero-balance account with a simple video call. Airtel Payments Bank offers a lucrative interest rate of up to 6% p.a. on saving deposits of over Rs. 1 lakh. And with deposits up to Rs 1 lakh, you can earn 2.5% interest per annum.If you have a total balance of Rs 2 lakh, for instance, here’s how much interest you will earn:

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Varied investment solutions:

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While your portfolio might be full of different financial investments, parking your money within some low-risk options is a wise move. Airtel Payments Bank, in association with IndusInd Bank, offers fixed deposits at attractive interest rates. Now book your fixed deposits from Rs. 500 up to Rs.1,90,000 at an interest rate of up to 6.75% per annum through the Airtel Thanks App. Senior citizens get an extra 0.5% on all fixed deposits.

Besides fixed deposits, you can park your surplus funds into Digi Gold. Using Airtel Payments Bank, you can buy and sell 24 Karat 99.50 per cent pure gold without the hassle of storing it in a bank locker or similar safe place. The gold is bought for you, and you can seek its physical delivery at any time and on as many occasions as you wish. You also have the flexibility of investing any amount into Digi Gold – it can even be as low as Rs 1.

Mindful transactions:

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Going digital means more security layers, and with the number of online scams that have increased, you need to put your money where stringent security measures have been applied. No money leaves your account without your consent when you open an account with Airtel Payments Bank, thanks to the Airtel Safe Pay feature. Through Airtel Network Intelligence, you will receive alerts about your transactions. Third-factor authentication has also been incorporated for UPI and internet banking transactions.

Exploring a rewards program:

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In the present day, shopping has become a lot more rewarding. Incentives on purchases add to your experience of picking what you love. With Airtel Payments Bank, you can earn rewards on every transaction through the ‘Rewards123’ programme.

A separate account for daily transactions:
It is a good idea to split your big-ticket and daily transactions into two different accounts because using one single account can expose you to financial risks. For example, entering incorrect recipient details or the wrong amount can transfer your entire savings to someone else. You can use your account in the Airtel Payments Bank for all your daily transactions, and with Airtel SafePay, your money won’t leave your account without your consent. You will also be able to clear the clutter of regular payments from your main account and track your transactions in a better fashion.Conclusion
Building up your financial well-being is a process that requires small steps. Airtel Payments Bank gives you opportunities to take plenty of those with their different products, which aid in smoothening your payment experiences and relationship with money.

So why wait? Switch to Airtel Payments Bank– the Safest Digital Account for all your daily transactions. Download Airtel Thanks App now and open an account with just a video call.

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